Tesla’s most expensive car

Tesla car, which is the world’s most popular and headlines, is very popular. Tesla is one of the world’s leading electric car manufacturers. As you know, Elon Musk is considered the CEO of Tesla Company and the richest person in the world. Half Elon Musk is very famous in the world as a successful person. The company led by Elmask manufactures many types of Tesla cars and their sales are also very good,

which are generally very expensive. By the way, all the work of Tesla is very expensive, but if it comes to know which of these is the most expensive car model, then do you know this question, many people may know the answer to this question, but still many people like this. Those who do not know which is Tesla’s most expensive car, then let us know about Tesla’s most expensive electric car in this article. This is Tesla Model S plad model which is the most expensive car of Tesla. Seen very few people know why this decision made the Model S plad so expensive. So first of all we would like to mention that this is practically a car adorned with 24 karat gold.

When we talk about this particular electric car, it gets double electroplated 24K gold parts and that gold is used in the radiator grille, side skirts, front and rear bumpers, brake discs, real view mirrors and interior decor. is done in Which is effective in making the look of this car even more luxurious and very good. And its total cost is about $300,000. You will be surprised to hear its price but if we talk about its technology and luxurious features, then the synthesis is right what you need or not just a car but it is the quintessence of sophistication,

luxury and confidence. Which mainly gives the courage and caution to walk on the roads and at the same time dazzle the people around it with its splendour. Let us tell you that this car is as easy to drive as it is because only a few selected people in the world would dare to drive such a car. Because he is the only one who has that kind of money to spend on a KVR luxury Tesla car.

So see the size of Tesla is so expensive after all that this car doesn’t come from every person’s budget. Our source of earnings to buy this car should be very best then only we will be able to buy this car. And from this, the truth comes out here that we should progress in our life and we should never sit still. We should increase our means of earning so that we can make our dreams come true and we can buy expensive cars like Tesla and fulfil all our travel dreams.

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