Tesla Semi Electric Truck Features

Today the whole world is dominated by electric vehicles because now customers all over the world are liking electric cars more and they are making huge profits in their sales as well. Electric vehicles are now seen on the roads in large numbers. And let us tell you that now even the vehicle manufacturers are launching electric trucks. And that too is not only an electric truck but is being provided with a luxury and luxurious features. Today in

Tikal we will talk about the semi electric truck among those trucks. The world-famous company for electric vehicles has unveiled the prototype of Faisal Electric Truck, that is, the company has launched Tesla’s electric semi truck, which is becoming very popular all over the world. Because this Tesla semi truck has been made available with a lot of hi-tech features, as well as it is not just a simple truck, but how is it that all the facilities are being provided to you and it has a very comfortable John Feel.

. And the most important thing is that this Tesla truck is an electric truck, which shows that now Tesla has become very high-tech and futuristic even in the case of trucks. Tesla has made this semi truck features available in a great way and its features are attracting more.

And as you know how precious time is in this run-of-the-mill life and considering this situation, Tesla has made a lot of profit in the speed of the semi truck. Let us tell you that Tesla claims that the semi electric truck is capable of accelerating from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in just 5 seconds. And it is far ahead not only in terms of speed but also in terms of its battery, this semi electric truck can cover a distance of 650 kms in just 30 minutes of charging from the mega charger.

Let us tell you that this truck is not an ordinary truck and it is also very strong in terms of washing weight. Let us tell you that up to 40 tonnes of weight can be carried by this truck. You must have often seen that due to the heavy weight, the speed of the truck decreases and it slows down a lot, but if we talk about the Tesla semi truck, then with this much weight, it can reach up to 100 kilometers per hour.

Speed ​​can catch up. Let us tell you that the truck is not only for carrying weight, but on the basis of some reviews, we would like to say that the CEO of the company claims that this truck is the safest and most comfortable truck. As we have just read, you are also very ahead in terms of charging as it can cover a distance of 800 kms with maximum performance once it is fully charged. And it can cover a distance of 480 kilometers on full charging, so automatic braking system and lane tracking are half the features.

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