How long does a ford f150 lightning electric pickup truck battery last.

Electric vehicles are being liked a lot all over the world and there is a lot of interest among customers regarding electric vehicles in such a situation, different vehicle manufacturers are introducing their new products, among them popular automobiles. If we talk about the company Ford Motor, then Ford Motor is looking very serious about electric vehicles.

And this also shows that they have launched their best-selling pickup truck f150 lightning in the electric avatar, which is considered to be the first electric pickup truck of Ford Motor Company and it will be very popular in the coming times. Will see Ford f150 pickup truck is also very much discussed its speed. Let us tell you that the most important thing about this electric truck is that it has a boot space of 400 litres. Due to this the passengers can keep everything they need in it.

Like suppose if you are going on a long tour and as if you take the winter season, if you sir go on a long tour somewhere and carry all the things of your daily routine with you. You can store so much stuff easily and safely in the ford f150 pickup truck because of its spacious boot space. For your information, let us tell you that this Ford F150 pickup truck of Ford Motor Company has been made available in two variants. And its standard version can travel up to 370 kilometers on full charge. And if we talk about its extended version, then its extended version gives a driving range of up to 483 kilometers on full charging.

Which is much better. And as our question was that how long does the Ford F150 battery last, on this basis, we would like to tell you in this article that if its battery gets charged so much in 10 minutes that this electric pickup truck can cover a distance of 87 kms. Can do. And with this, this battery gets charged from 15 to 80 percent in just 41 minutes. Now when it comes to the price of this pickup truck of Ford Motor Company, we would like to tell you that the company has kept the starting price of the f150 lightning electric pickup truck at $39,974.

And if it is seen according to Indian currency, then it is about 30 lakh rupees. Ford F 150 Lightning Pickup Truck If we talk about the motor, then it has used a double motor in the electric pickup truck. If you also want to buy ford f150 lightning electric pickup truck, then this information will prove to be very helpful for you and we hope that you have understood very well about ford f 150 pickup truck.

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