Can tesla car location be seen on mobile

In this article we will talk about Tesla car. As you know that Tesla car is dominated all over the world and that too with its advanced features. The UK is very popular around the world. As we all know, Tesla is an American electric vehicle manufacturer. Which is known all over the world. Look, Tesla cars are a lot more futuristic cars. And if we talk about the features in Tesla cars, then it is quite advanced and the time accordion is very futuristic. See, although many such super features have been given in Tesla’s cars, then first of all we talk about whether Kargil location can be seen from mobile.

With the help of the car location feature in the mobile app, you can find the location of your car at any time. What happens to it is that if someone steals your Tesla car, then according to its location, you can reach where the car is very easily and that too without any problem or hassle. With the help of the car location feature in the mobile app, you can find the location of your car at any time. And in case of car theft, this feature proves to be very effective, apart from this there is one more feature of this location like suppose if you put your car in the parking and after that if you forget where I organized the party If you are not able to find your car in the party then still sir will help you.

Along with this, excellent customer support is also provided in Tesla car, if there is any problem with your Tesla car and if you cannot go to Tesla’s service center, then you can easily take the help of Tesla Ranger service. What will happen is that Tesla employees will come to your house to take your car for service and give you a second Tesla car until yours is fixed.

Did you know that Tesla cars can be replaced by free tires even in cold weather? For example, if you live in cold areas where there is snowfall, then Tesla service employees will come home and change the special tires for your car and the most important thing is that they will not charge anything for this service, which means that this facility is absolutely free. it occurs.

And its best part is that it updates the car software like a mobile. The software of the Tesla car is also updated from time to time, so many information keeps updating on the screen inside the car, such as where is the charging station for Tesla car and which is the nearest charging station from the car, – Various updates are displayed on your screen like board and meter public updates, address road map and possible shortcut routes etc.

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